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Robbie Sunderland, comedy writer

Joanna’s insights made me consider things I hadn’t before and also confirm problems I thought I had within my script. I had fun chatting and bouncing ideas around with her and would definitely use her service again. A major concern I had with my script was that my female characters weren’t active enough in the humour. Joanna gave me possible solutions without dictating what I should do, which is exactly what I was hoping for. 

James Watts.png

James Watts,

comedy writer

Joanna pointed out both the issues I suspected were there, and other ones I had no idea about. She's given me a concise list of points to think through and change to make the sitcom better. It was so good to have a different set of eyes read it, point out its weaknesses but also remind me what was good about it. Her notes will definitely make the sitcom much better and I look forward to sending the next draft to see what she'll raise.  


Claire Trivino, comedy writer/performer

Joanna has a unique blend of supportive warmth and expert insight. From the outset I felt relaxed and permissioned to explore my comedy writing, considering new aspects. She directed me to further useful resources and followed up with notes from our meeting. She clearly knows her industry and tailors the consultancy to the individual writer. 


Adrian Eley,

I came to Joanna not for the plaudits (though she did give me a few of those fortunately!) but to make my script work better. I found her encouraging to work with, very knowledgeable and never short of a suggestion or a tweak to improve what I already had on the page. Her feedback improved my work enormously - and she does this in a very friendly, encouraging and supportive way. Writing is a solitary activity and Joanna's extra set of eyes are much appreciated.

Amy Sparkles.jpg

Amy Sparkles,

 Joanna was professional, helpful and insightful. I have already signed up for more sessions as I'm confident she will help me wrestle this script into shape. Highly recommend.     . 


Mike Sheldon, comedy writer

Jo gave me some great feedback on the pilot of my radio sitcom. She had fantastic insights on pacing and potential audiences that were a big help in taking it forward. 

Bruce Williams.jpg

Bruce Williams, stand-up and comedy writer

Having worked with Jo for several years, I've always found her to be a great resource for ideas and creative angles. She is a prolific writer of scripts and sketches, and is naturally funny, with an innate sense of humour and great, positive outlook.

Neil Benson.jpg

Neil Benson,
comedy writer and actor

I have known Jo since 2013, and we have been performing together as part of a sketch group since then. She has a really great feel for characters and has a wicked sense of humour. Now I've started having a crack at longer form, Jo is one of the first people I turn to for feedback on characters, plotting and how well jokes land.   

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Marcus Howell,

 Joanna’s focus is on female characters, but she has an excellent insight on every aspect of your script. Her notes are concise, clear and are implementable. The zoom meet is encouraging, and she communicates well. It is good to have a discussion and reaction to your efforts. I recommend her. 


Polly Courtney,
novelist and screenwriter

 Joanna has edited early drafts of my novels and scripts and her insights have proven invaluable. She has a real eye for the essence of a story and a devilish sense of humour.  

New Matt.jpg

Will Gothard,

 Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat book recommends Mike Cheda as Hollywood’s finest script Doctor. I sent a screenplay to Mike and the same one to Jo. Their advice on improvements was uncannily similar. 

cat 2.PNG

Gus the cat, 

I worked with Jo on her 2018 comedy sitcom Old. Jo was a great director and really made me up my purr-formance. She is a good feline to have around the place and I now consider her one of my closest non-furry friends.     

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