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  • What sort of scripts and projects do you accept?
    I look at TV and radio scripts, feature films, plays, sketches, short films and web series. And if you have an idea you are working on, please feel free to contact me.
  • Can we brainstorm issues outside the female remit?
    Naturally, this will often happen. I want to work with you to improve your work, so I will highlight anything I think might help in this regard. However, the main aim of these sessions is to provide writers with a space to discuss the female characters and storylines in their work. This means that we can be more focused in our discussions and feedback sessions.
  • Is this service solely for men?
    For obvious reasons, I believe this service could be more attractive and beneficial for male writers. However, if you are female/non-binary please do not hesitate to contact me. I have lots of female clients on my books, and they are finding the service beneficial.
  • What if I prefer written notes?
    I want to offer a video service because I think social interaction is especially important during this time. I want to get to know people and I think you can learn more from a discussion. However, if for any reason, you would prefer written feedback then please let me know. For longer projects such as feature films, we may need to work out a price for this.
  • Joanna – are you saying because I am a man, I don’t know anything about women? How rude! I know loads of women and I'm amazing at writing females. Do you really think I need your service?"
  • Who may need this service?
    Anyone who thinks their script/project could benefit from having an informed female eye look over it, analyse it and probe into anything that doesn't feel natural or authentic. There are experiences that women go through that men can't fully understand, and vice-versa, so there may be areas of your script you need to chat through. It is always useful for any script to get an independent, impartial point-of-view before sending on to producers.
  • You haven't answered my question.
    If there's anything else you want to ask about this service before sending your work on, don't hestitate to contact me using the Contact page or emailing me at

Frequently Asked Questions

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