The Service 

I work with writers to delve deeper into the female characters and storylines in their projects. Struggling with a female protagonist? Think the men in your script are taking over? Simply want a brainstorm session about the female aspects of your work? Then please do get in touch. 

  • Step One. Introductory email. Send me some details about yourself and your project, and I will reply to you as soon as possible. 

  • Step Two: Set a date. If we are both happy to proceed then we will arrange a Zoom consultation. Note: You do not need a full script to have a consultation, you can have an idea, treatment or uncompleted script.   

  • Step Three: The call. During this 40-minute Zoom chat, you will be able to raise any issues or areas of concern you have with your female characters/plots. I will also outline my thoughts after looking at your work. We will discuss what the next step could be in regards to developing your characters and project. 

  • Step Four: After our Zoom call, I will email over notes I have written on your project. This means you do not need to take detailed notes during our Zoom session, and you have a document to help going forward. Then it's the matter of payment. I will send over a PayPal link so you can Pay What You Can* or what you think the service was worth - dependent on your financial situation. 

If this all sounds tickety-boo, please email me at or click on the Contact page and fill in the form.

If you have any questions take a look at these handy FAQs or drop me an email. 

*This is a Pay What You Can Service at the moment, and there really is no pressure on this amount (loads, little, it's all good). Depending on demand, I may need to alter this going forward but I can guarantee your first two sessions will be PWYC.