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Working with scriptwriters
to develop
authentic female characters

Whether it is at the grassroots or further up the chain, it often feels like male characters are better thought out and more three-dimensional than their female counterparts. After being frustrated by the lack of female characters, as well as their portrayal on TV, I created a script service that focuses on developing female characters. As a writer myself, I understand that sometimes all we need is a savvy reader who can delve into our scripts and mull over ideas and issues with. I believe I can help writers falling into any of these camps: 

  • You have a rough idea of your female characters, but you are not exactly sure how to make them stand out from each other. 

  • Your female characters currently feel inconsequential to the plot. They are making up the numbers, rather than driving the action.  

  • Maybe you have numerous female characters in your script, but something you can’t put your finger on is not quite right.

  • You are writing about a female issue/s and would feel more comfortable if you ran your script by a female script reader. 

If any of these issues strike a chord, please do take a look around my site. My ambition is not to point fingers, but to help writers get their words and worlds onto our screens. I believe this is only achievable by creating female characters who belong in the 21st century.  

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Happy writing,


Robbie Sunderland,
comedy writer

 "A major concern I had with my script was that my female characters weren’t active enough in the humour. Joanna gave me possible solutions without dictating what I should do, which is exactly what I was hoping for." 

Claire Trivino,
comedy writer/performer

 "From the outset I felt relaxed and permissioned to explore my comedy writing, considering new aspects. She directed me to further useful resources and followed up with notes from our meeting. She clearly knows her industry and tailors the consultancy to the individual writer." 

James Watts,
comedy writer

 "It was really helpful to have a different set of eyes read it, point out its weaknesses but also remind me what was good about it.  Joanna's notes will definitely make the sitcom much better and I look forward to sending the next draft to see what she'll raise."  

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